Posted: 1:27 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 7, 2013

Mason coffee shop owner creating new wine bar


Mason coffee shop owner creating new wine bar photo
Greg Lynch
Victor Kidd, owner of Kidd Coffee in the Mason location. Kidd is renovating the former I Love Sushi restaurant, which is a stone’s throw away from his shop on Reading Road. The new business will be a wine bar with food.

By Denise G. Callahan

Staff Writer


Mason Vice Mayor Victor Kidd of Kidd Coffee fame is brewing up expansion plans to add an exclusive wine bar to his menu in downtown.

Kidd is renovating the former I Love Sushi restaurant, which is a stone’s throw away from his shop on Reading Road. The orange-yellow house with red shutters will be transformed with a “stone cottage” type facade and he plans to utilize every inch on the inside.

“We are changing the concept after 14 years. There will be a wine bar and a complimentary menu,” he said. “We’ll have about triple the seating than we have here. The building has an upstairs apartment and the plan is to do a student study room in one of the rooms and we’re kicking around the idea of a cigar area. In the basement we’re talking about having a wine cellar with private wine tastings down there.”

Kidd was hoping to open for business at the new location on Aug. 23 — the anniversary of his coffee business — but realistically he said it will probably be early September. Kidd is working on deals with several wineries so his wine list will be exclusive, and only available in this area at his wine bar. Chocolate and cheese fondue will be on the food menu, and he has some friends in the catering business who will bring in high-end meals fresh daily.

Kidd has opened 18 coffee shops in the past 14 years he has been in the business, here, in Florida and Kentucky. There are four Kidd Coffees in Butler and Warren counties, others he has sold, some have failed to turn a profit and others he served only as a consultant. He thinks that experience will serve him well in this new venture.

“It’s a very popular concept right now and I think it fits into our philosophy is to create that sense of community,” he said. “It’s not like a dive bar, it’s more of a classy place where people still feel safe and behave appropriately, that appeals to me.”

Chet Mastalerz, who is president and chairman of the board of the Northeast Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce, said Kidd’s new business is bound to be a boon for Mason’s downtown.

“Victor has always had the business acumen to make the right decisions, to see to it that that business will progress and provide more livelihood to the downtown area,” he said.

Lauren Winters, a barista at Kidd Coffee for two years, said she’s turning 18 in a couple days and will be able to serve wine at the new place. She predicts the the expansion will be wildly successful.

“I think it’s going to be extremely busy when we open at the house,” she said. “I drive down to a place called the Coffee Emporium and it’s like a house like this one. I work on my homework for college there and I think it’s going to be exactly like that. I’m really excited about it.”

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